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Launched May 8th, 2013
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Creativity Center (or CC) is a free creative works forum centered towards teen/young adult audiences, hosted on Forumotion. Launched independently by several members of Wizard101 Central in May 2013, it has spurred several successful stories, some of which are in the process of being converted to books.

Background Edit

The Creativity Center community originated in the "Role-Playing Games" sub-forum of Wizard101 Central. Since at least 2009, the sub-forum was dominated by play-by-post games, some of which were adapted/remixed on CC. However, several mature members of the community found it difficult to post effectively while keeping in line with the forum's G-Rated guidelines. As a result, an idea to create a separate website was formed, and in 2013 was finally put to fruition.

Originally launched under "," Creativity Center has reached roughly 100,000 posts and more than 100 members as of January 2016. The website holds a thriving play-by-post role-playing games community, but has separate sub-forums for stories (both original works and fan-fiction) as well as graphics and artwork.

Popular Works Edit

These lists are not exhaustive and are based on popularity (50+ pages or multiple remakes). (Bold - Active/In Progress) (Some works are protected by individual Creative Commons licenses.)

Role-Playing Games Edit

Main article: List of Creativity Center role-playing games

  • Fairy Tail (created by Hero of Time/Ace/Kane/boyhoy)
  • Infinity's Row series (created by ~Hermione~)
  • Anaphora series (created by Athena Lionheart and Salphirix)
  • Celestial series (created by Ace)
  • Camp Half-Blood (created by boyhoy/Sentinel)
  • RWBY (created by boyhoy/Kane)
  • Whodunnit? (created by Sentinel)
  • Superior (created by Sentinel)
  • Hollywood/Limelight (created by Neela/Wishie and Cana/~Hermione~)
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (created by Hero of Time/~Hermione~/WritingBookworm)

Stories/Writing Edit

Main article: List of Creativity Center stories and works

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