Harwell's Institute For The Fairly Exceptional (referred to as Harwell's Institute or Harwell's) is a play-by-post role-playing game hosted on the Creativity Center forums created by WritingBookworm

Synopsis Edit

Harwell's Institute takes place in a Marvel/DC-esque universe where humans with exceptional powers, known as superhumans, run common. For a time, these individuals were seen as heroes, with several (Lightbringer, Sorcerer, and Citizen) becoming household names. However, in recent years, terrorist attacks in several major cities prompted fear and discrimination by many humans across the nation, causing the International Superhuman Organization to pair up with William Harwell to create a sanctuary in Lebanon, New Hampshire, during 1990.

This sanctuary, named Harwell's Institute For The Fairly Exceptional, would house and educate children with exceptional powers, and teach them to use their abilities for good. However, before and during the events of the RPG, mysterious and malicious groups become intent on seeking out these young prodigies and using them for their own gains - or, even worse, stamping them out for good.

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