Infinity's Row is a play-by-post role-playing game series hosted on the Creativity Center forums, created by ~Hermione~.

Synopsis Edit

Infinity's Row is set in the fictional land of N'al Ren - a continent and country where magic and science come together seamlessly. For the past 700 years, N'al Ren has been protected by Runite's Row - a guild based in Ald Ruhn (the capital city) that takes in teenagers and young adults and trains them to use powerful weapons in an effort to prevent the evils of the Clan Wars from arising once more.

Infinity's Row 1 takes place in 700-701 AW and follows one of the last Squads to take on the challenge of defending the nation from ancient and powerful villains. Infinity's Row 2 will take place in 724 AW and follow the children of the remaining Row members as they set out to face new and more dangerous foes.

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