This is an in-progress list of role-playing games (RPGs) found on Creativity Center that have a minimum page count of 50, or have been remade by multiple users. Some RPGs have their own wiki, and will be linked as such.

  • Fairy Tail (created by Hero of Time)
  • Infinity's Row series (created by ~Hermione~)
    • Infinity's Row
    • Infinity's Row: Apocalypse
    • Infinity's Row: Renaissance
    • Infinity's Row: Iron Maiden
    • Infinity's Row: Runite's Return
    • Infinity's Row: Awakening
    • Infinity's Row: Unbroken
  • Anaphora series (created by Athena Lionheart and Salphirix)
    • Anaphora
    • Anaphora: Entropy
    • Anaphora: Divericate
  • Celestial series (created by Ace)
    • Celestial
    • Celestial: The Secret of Astral
  • RWBY (created by boyhoy/Kane)
  • Phantasy (created by ~Hermione~)
  • Hunger Games: Revolution (created by Michael DeathFlame)
  • Camp Half-Blood (created by boyhoy/Sentinel)
  • Whodunnit? (created by Sentinel)
  • Superior (created by Sentinel)
  • Hollywood/Limelight (created by Neela/~Hermione~ and Cana/Wishie)
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (created by Hero of Time/~Hermione~/WritingBookworm)
  • Perfect Virtual World (created by NightOwl)
  • Evergreen: Academy for Spies series (created by ~Hermione~)
    • Evergreen: Academy for Spies
    • Bergenia: Academy for Spies
    • Evergreen: Academy for Spies: Incalescent
  • Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional (created by WritingBookworm)
  • Escape, Run, and Hide series (created by PyRobot and Lady Senbonzakura)
    • Escape, Run, and Hide
    • Escape, Run, and Hide II
  • Nicholas Flamel (created by Shaybaysasuke)
  • Chronicle (created by ~Hermione~)
  • The Astral Empire (created by Lady Senbonzakura)
  • The Legend of Zelda (created by ~Hermione~)
  • The Endowed: Children of the Red King (created by Sentinel)
  • Thaome (created by Hero of Time)
  • Night of Dragons (creator unknown)

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