This is an in-progress list of stories and creative writing projects found on Creativity Center. Each category holds specific criteria to be placed on this page, which may be altered depending on forum traffic.

Original Works Edit

Original works must have a minimum view count of 200 on their respective threads.

  • The Siren's Call (by Kane)
  • Code 9 (by ~Dylan Battle~)
  • Radi-Non (by ~Dylan Battle~)
  • Short stories (by Ikuto)
  • Awake - A Sleeping Beauty Retelling (by WritingBookworm)
  • Stones of Power (by WritingBookworm)
  • The Time of Man (by Hero of Time)

Fan Fiction Edit

Fan fiction must have a minimum view count of 400 on their respective threads.

  • The Brave (Divergent fan-fiction by Salphirix and boyhoy)
  • Meeting Tom Riddle (Harry Potter fan-fiction by WritingBookworm)
  • Whodunnit (Whodunnit RPG fan-fiction by Salphirix)
  • Heroes (Percy Jackson series fan-fiction by Hero of Time and boyhoy)
  • The Demigod Chronicles series (Percy Jackson series fan-fiction by Sentinel)
    • The Demigod Chronicles: The Forgotten Camp
    • The Demigod Chronicles: The Infamous Half-Blood
    • The Demigod Chronicles: The Requiem of Chaos
  • Tale of the Twins (Divergent fan-fiction by boyhoy)
  • Camp Half-Blood Constitution (Percy Jackson fan-fiction by Sentinel et. al.)

RPG Backstories/Prologues/Epilogues Edit

Due to plot relevance, RPG stories do not contain a minimum view count.

  • Infinity's Row
    • Infinity's Row: Interlude (by WritingBookworm)
    • Infinity's Row: Caliber (by WritingBookworm)
    • Infinity's Row: Rebellion (by WritingBookworm)
    • Infinity's Row: Uncontrollable (by WritingBookworm)
    • Infinity's Row: The Birth of a Thief (by Sentinel)
    • Infinity's Row Legends: The Tales of Marin and Lyall Farenart (by Sentinel)
    • Infinity's Row: Renegade (by Sentinel)
    • Infinity's Row: Syndicate (by Sentinel)
    • Infinity's Row: Runite (by ~Hermione~)
    • The Day I Met Resh Archambault (by ~Hermione~)
    • Infinity's Row 2: Prologue (by ~Hermione~)
    • Infinity's Row: When Everything Turned to Darkness (by ~Hermione~)
    • Imperii Res (by Omni)
    • For her own good. (by Salphirix)
    • Infinity's Row: Reason and Passion (by WritingBookworm)
  • Anaphora
    • Anaphora: Pariah (by WritingBookworm)
    • Anaphora: Girl (by Wishie)
    • Anaphora: Strains of a Love Song (by Athena Lionheart)
    • Anaphora: Vengeance (by WritingBookworm)
  • Fairy Tail
    • The Son of Skiadrum (by Hero of Time)
  • Camp Half-Blood
    • Camp Half-Blood: Fate of Sorrow (by WritingBookworm)
  • The Astral Empire
    • The Jewel of the Moonbeams
  • Evergreen
    • Evergreen CEs: Meridian's Fall, Jeremy's Demise, Glade's Suicide (by ~Hermione~)
    • Evergreen 1.5: Confrontation (by WritingBookworm)
  • RWBY
    • RWBY: Azure Trailer (by WritingBookworm)
    • RWBY: Eminence Trailer (by Athena Lionheart)

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